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Are you bilingual and starting your career? Various bilingual entry-level SP-04 positions are available. No experience required to apply. (Amended)

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Group and level
Various locations/Endroits variés
Appointment Type
Perm/Temp: Acting, Permanent, Promotion, Term
Closing Date
August 31, 2023 11:59 PM Eastern Time
Pool to be created
Salary range
$61,774 to $69,526
Bilingual Imperative
Requisition number
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About the job

The CRA is committed to providing an inclusive and barrier-free work environment with a diverse workforce that reflects the Canadians we serve. It starts with the hiring process. To find out more about the CRA’s actions in support of Employment Equity (EE), diversity and inclusion, and read testimonials from our employees and executives, please visit the following CRA web sites: Employment equity, diversity and inclusion and Our workforce testimonials -

We encourage you to complete the EE Staffing questionnaire as part of your application if you wish to be considered for appointments using the EE staffing requirement in this process. Also, ensure that you have provided consent in the EE staffing questionnaire for your EE information to be used for screening or selection. If you do not complete the questionnaire, you will not be considered for any appointments using the EE staffing requirement in this process. If you decide to modify your response or fill out this questionnaire at a later date, please notify the contact listed at the bottom of this notice of job opportunity.

Come work for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), one of the Top 100 Employers in Canada!

CRA is currently looking for talented and energetic individuals to bring your dedication, enthusiasm and commitment to fill a variety of meaningful and challenging positions in various program areas across Ontario. Most positions staffed from this process are expected to require physical reporting at a CRA location for a minimum of two days per week, in combination with virtual reporting.  Specific details will be provided if you are being considered for an appointment.

In addition to abundant career development opportunities, as a CRA employee you will enjoy:

  • Competitive rates of pay;
  • Flexible schedules to find the balance that is right for you between your work and your personal life;
  • Generous vacation leave as well as other leave provisions (ie. family-related, sick days, etc).;
  • healthcare plan which covers many of life's events: medical, prescription drugs, vision care, dental care, out-of-province medical expenses and hospitalizations, etc.;
  • Access to an advantageous pension plan;
  • A workplace that supports workforce diversity and the development of talents.

CRA prioritizes diversity and inclusion and is firmly committed to providing a diverse workforce that reflects the population we serve.  CRA’s National Employment Equity (EE) Staffing Strategy strives to eliminate EE gaps for the four EE designated groups: Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, and women. Where an EE gap exists at the time of appointment, EE may be used as an appointment criterion for permanent and temporary appointments/staffing actions over six months made through this process.

This process may be used to staff various SP-04 positions within the following programs, including, but not limited to:

Compliance Programs Branch (CPB):

The mandate of the CPB programs is to ensure compliance with the reporting requirements of the Acts administered by the Agency.

CPB activities include:

  • Supporting compliance through outreach, service and education for those who need extra help and through measures to reduce the red tape burden and make compliance easier.
  • Collaborating with tax professionals,  provincial and territorial governments, internal and external partners and stakeholders to clarify rules and ensure efficient administration.
  • Developing business intelligence, gathering data and risk scoring to select the optimal files.
  • Conducting audits and delivering an expanding range of non-audit treatments including industry campaigns, support visits, and criminal investigations to correct non-compliance.
  • Delivering broader coverage to international and large taxpayers, offshore non-compliance, the underground economy sectors and aggressive tax planning schemes.
  • Collaborating with the Department of Finance (legislation and policy development) and international partners in response to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), G20 and G8 tax and fiscal priorities.
  • Capturing, reviewing, and triaging leads from the public (external leads), from the CRA employees (internal leads), and from the law enforcement agencies.

Positions that may be staffed using this staffing process, but not limited to, are: Administrative Assistant (SP0163); Non-Resident Services Officer (SP0405); Compliance Services Officer (SP0443); Informant Leads Intake Officer (SP0631)

Collections and Verification Branch (CVB):

The mandate of the CVB programs is to promote and enforce compliance with Canada's tax laws for filing, withholding, registering, and debt obligations.

CVB activities include:

  • Facilitating compliance through taxpayer education.
  • Performing statistical analysis, data mining and research to identify compliance risks  and deploy innovative strategies to more effectively and efficiently address compliance.
  • Validating information contained in returns and reassessment requests through the review of income amounts, deductions, and credits to ensure correct reporting.
  • Examining the books and records of employers and GST/HST registrants to ensure the correct amounts are calculated and remitted.
  • Using risk-based approaches to identify non-filers and deployment of appropriate compliance treatments to effectively and efficiently support and enforce filing compliance.
  • Collecting outstanding debts through the application of progressive and targeted enforcement action.

Positions that may be staffed using this staffing process, but not limited to, are: Administrative Support Officer (SP0191); Collections Contact Officer (SP0439), Trust Accounts Compliance Officer (SP0475), Non-Filer Officer (SP0400), Assessment Processing Officer (SP0444), Services Officer (SP0425)

Human Resources Branch (HRB):

The mandate of the Human Resources Branch is to provide HR advice, services and stewardship that support the Agency in achieving its business priorities.

Human Resources activities include:

  • Provides human resources support services in one or more of the following disciplines: classification and organization, staffing, labour relations, official languages, workforce adjustment, occupational health and safety, training and learning, HR planning and employment equity.
  • Provides clients with information and clarification on the various HR policies and procedures.
  • Processes HR action requests from various sources.
  • Initiates and enforces internal HR operational procedures.

A position that may be staffed using this staffing process, but not limited to, is: Human Resources Assistant (SP0232)

To request the complete work description for any of the positions indicated above, you may contact the email listed at the bottom of this notice.

The pools established from this staffing process may be used to staff similar positions.

Language Requirements:

This process may be used to staff positions in the following languages:

  • Bilingual (English and French)
    • Reading Comprehension - Advanced (C )
    • Written Expression – Intermediate ( B )
    • Oral Interaction – Advanced (C )

If you are interested in English positions please refer to requisition 59285191.

Please note the following:

When you apply to this staffing process, you are applying for immediate and future vacancies across various program areas. As positions become available, candidates who meet the qualifications may be contacted for further assessment. Candidates will be screened against the prerequisite staffing requirements and assessed on an on-going basis, therefore, it is in your best interest to apply as soon as possible to ensure you qualify for immediate consideration upon being successful on any assessment(s).

If you require accommodation at any time during this process, we encourage you to contact the staffing board at the bottom of the poster. Your request will be treated confidentially.

To apply

Who can apply?

Persons living in Canada and Canadian citizens and permanent residents living abroad.

Preference for appointment will be given to veterans, Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Please note that this process will be used to staff positions in Ontario Region only. If you are a candidate from the general public, you will have to pay for any expenses related to your participation in this staffing process, as well as any relocation costs if you receive an offer of employment from this process. 

For existing permanent CRA employees and permanent federal employees at the SP-04 or equivalent level: Lateral moves will not be offered as part of this staffing process. If you are a permanent CRA SP-04 candidate, you can facilitate lateral moves through the CRA National Mobility Bank. If you are a permanent federal employee at an equivalent level, you may contact the staffing board for more information on assignments or deployments at the CRA. 

Qualified members and former members of the Canadian Forces who receive an offer of employment are not entitled to relocation costs from the CRA. They may, however, be entitled to a final relocation from the Department of National Defence.

 Essential staffing requirements

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements.


  •  Successful completion of a high school diploma or acceptable combination of education, training and/or experience.

Please note that the positions Non-Resident Services Officer (SP0405) and  Compliance Services Officer (SP0443) within the Compliance Programs Branch have the following education requirements:

  • Successful completion of a high school diploma or acceptable combination of education, training and/or experience.


Please Note: The acceptability of courses is determined by comparing the courses from the postsecondary institution taken by a candidate to the courses on the transfer credits or prerequisite studies lists issued by the CPA or one of the previously recognized professional accounting associations. The courses must be compared to the closest academic year during which the courses were taken. The terminology may vary depending on the program, recognized postsecondary institutions or recognized professional accounting associations. Some of the courses listed above may require a combination of courses to be considered equivalent depending on the recognized postsecondary institution. The courses required may or may not be part of a degree program, but must be from a recognized postsecondary institution or a recognized professional accounting association. When academic qualifications are unclear or where a course does not appear in any of the transfer credits or prerequisite lists, the candidate is responsible to have their studies in question assessed for equivalency.

You must upload your education credentials in the Education section of your Candidate Profile to demonstrate that you meet the essential education requirements at the time of application.


No experience required to apply.


If you have a limitation that may impact your performance during an assessment, such as a test or interview, you may require an accommodation, and we encourage you to ask for it. Assessment accommodations are designed to remove the obstacles without altering the criteria being assessed so candidates with limitations can fully demonstrate their abilities. If we invite you to be assessed, we will send you more information on how to request accommodation measures throughout this staffing process.

Each request will be individually reviewed. You will be asked to provide information regarding your limitations to be reviewed by a trained assessment accommodation advisor. If needed, professional documentation may be requested to determine the appropriate accommodation measures.  All information will be kept confidential. 

For examples of assessment accommodations, please visit: Accommodation during an assessment as a candidate.


The essential staffing requirements indicated below will be validated/assessed during the process and may be used to identify candidates for positions.

  • Performance validation
  • Second Language Evaluation
  • Taxpayer Contact I (KFEL-01): Korn Ferry Unsupervised Internet Test (UIT) – pass mark: 60%

Additional asset staffing requirements may also be assessed during the staffing process and may be used to identify candidates for positions. You will be notified in advance of any asset requirements to be evaluated.

All interactions throughout this staffing process, including email communications, may be reviewed by the staffing board to ensure candidates act in accordance with the CRA’s Core Values. Candidates who contravene one or more of the CRA’s Core Values throughout the course of this staffing process may not be considered further.

In the case of applicants previously terminated or rejected on probation from positions within the CRA, please note that additional verifications will be conducted. Based on the reasons for termination or rejection, an applicant may not be considered further in the staffing process/considered for appointment, as they may be deemed to not meet one or more of the staffing criteria.

Please note that the assessment stage of this staffing process will be conducted in conjunction with staffing process (59285191) If you apply on these processes, you will be assessed only once on common elements.

We may limit the number of candidates to be considered further in this staffing process by using a top-down approach to select candidates with the best results achieved on assessment(s) conducted within the process.

You are expected to make yourself available for assessment when scheduled. Assessments will only be rescheduled for exceptional circumstances. The hiring manager will make these decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Conditions of employment

  • Security: Reliability Status

Depending on the position to be staffed, you may have to satisfy other conditions of employment which may include (but are not limited to):

  • Willingness to work overtime
  • Willingness to travel
  • Valid Driver’s license or personal mobility to a degree normally associated with the possession of a driver’s license
  • Willingness to take and successfully complete training
  • Physical reporting

Want to know more?

We encourage you to read Important information on staffing at the CRA to find out more about staffing processes and how to apply.

CRA employees support the economic and social well-being of Canadians, and build public trust. We have high expectations, and our employees are held to the standards of conduct outlined in our Code of integrity and professional conduct and Directive on conflict of interest, gifts and hospitality, and post-employment.

The CRA is committed to building a skilled, diverse workforce reflective of Canadian society. To find out more, consult Employment equity, diversity and inclusion at the CRA. We encourage you to complete the Employment Equity (EE) Staffing questionnaire as part of your application if you wish to be considered for staffing actions using the EE staffing requirement in this process. Your questionnaire response will be retained on file for the duration of the staffing process. If you do not complete the questionnaire, you will not be considered for any staffing actions using the EE staffing requirement in this process. If you decide to modify your response or fill out this questionnaire at a later date, please notify the contact listed at the bottom of this notice of job opportunity.

Candidate Contact Information

Information regarding the status of your application will be communicated via the candidate profile on the CRA Careers site. Please ensure that your contact email preference is up to date at all times in your Candidate Profile. Candidates are solely responsible for ensuring that they read any messages related to this staffing process and meet any deadlines specified throughout the duration of this staffing process. Failure to do so could prevent us from contacting you and may result in your application not being given further consideration at that stage of this staffing process. We strongly encourage you to verify the email address attached to your profile and to check your messages regularly for any updates, including your spam folder.

You must notify the staffing board of any lengthy planned leave or change in contact information during this staffing process.


We will create pools of eligible candidates from this staffing process as follows:

    1. Pool of candidates for SP04 positions not requiring knowledge of Accounting
    2. Pool of candidates for SP04 positions requiring knowledge of Accounting

Positions may be staffed at the following locations within Ontario:

  • 1 Front Street West, Toronto*
  • 5001 Yonge Street, North York
  • 25 Sheppard Ave West, North York
  • 5800 Hurontario Street, Mississauga
  • 130 South Syndicate Avenue, Thunder Bay
  • 200 Town Centre Court, Scarborough
  • 55 Town Centre Court, Scarborough
  • 55 Athol Street East, Oshawa
  • 166 Frederick Street, Kitchener
  • 451 Talbot Street, London
  • 441 University Avenue West, Windsor
  • 55 Bay Street North, Hamilton
  • 32 Church Street, St. Catharines
  • 11 Station Street, Belleville
  • 1161 Crawford Drive, Peterborough
  • 1475 John Counter Boulevard, Kingston
  • 1050 Notre Dame Avenue, Sudbury
  • 81 Mulcaster Street, Barrie
  • 2204 Walkley Road, Ottawa
  • 333 Laurier Avenue, Ottawa
  • 875 Heron Road, Ottawa

*Please note that as a result of this staffing process, position(s) may be staffed at 1 Front Street West, Toronto, ON, M5J 2X6. However, effective Fall of 2023 the work location associated with these positions will change to the following new address: 25 St. Clair Avenue East, Toronto, ON, M4T 1M2. Thus, employees who occupy a position and/or are physically located at 1 Front Street West will be expected to move to the new work location.



Name: SP-04 Staffing Board BIL 59285294 (CRA)
Email address: SP04StaffingBoardBIL-ComitededotationSP0459285294@CRA-ARC.GC.CA

Please quote requisition number 59285294 on all correspondence.

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