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Real Estate Appraiser (SI-5) for Ontario Region

This notice of job opportunity is closed and you can no longer submit an application.

Group and level
Ontario Region / Région de l'Ontario
Appointment Type
Perm/Temp: Acting, Lateral Move, Term, Permanent, Promotion
Closing Date
March 31, 2023 11:59 PM Eastern Time
Pool to be created
Salary range
$87,815 to $105,702
English Essential
Requisition number
For a description of key terms used on CRA job notices, go to Definitions for job seekers.

About the job

CRA prioritizes diversity and inclusion and is firmly committed to providing a diverse workforce that reflects the population we serve.  CRA's National Employment Equity (EE) Staffing Strategy strives to eliminate EE gaps for the four EE designated groups: Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, and women. Where an EE gap exists at the time of appointment, EE may be used as an appointment criterion for permanent and temporary appointments/staffing actions over six months made through this process.

Why work at the CRA?

For four consecutive years, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been named one of Canada's Top 100 Employers. We excel in the areas of employee engagement and performance, training and skills development, community involvement, health and family benefits well-being, diversity and inclusion, and much more.

The mission of the CRA is to administer tax, benefits, and related programs, and ensure compliance on behalf of governments across Canada, thereby contributing to the ongoing economic and social well-being of Canadians.

The CRA offers some of the most sought-after benefit programs, career development opportunities, in addition to competitive rates of pay, among others:

  • Flexible schedules to find the balance that is right for you between your work and your personal life;
  • Generous vacation leave as well as other leave provisions (ie. family-related, sick days, etc).;
  • healthcare plan which covers many of life's events: medical, prescription drugs, vision care, dental care, out-of-province medical expenses and hospitalizations, etc.;
  • Access to an advantageous pension plan;
  • A workplace that supports workforce diversity and the development of talents.

For more information on working for the CRA, view our promotional video: The Canada Revenue Agency – We're More Than Just Taxes.


COVID-19 context

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public health recommendations and restrictions are in place across Canada and may change as circumstances evolve. You may be required to temporarily work remotely (e.g. from home). Further information will be provided if you are selected for the position.

Virtual reporting may be possible, if operational requirements permit. 


What is the intent of this staffing process?

This staffing process will be used to establish a pool of qualified candidates to staff real estate appraiser or similar positions within the Ontario Region.


A few Real Estate Appraiser key activities includes, but are not limited to:

  • Prepare appraisal reports and consultation reports, on all types of real estate properties.
  • Review and complete the examination of appraisal reports as submitted by taxpayers.
  • Act as an expert witness in court and provide consultative services to the Tax Services Offices.

To accomplish your work, you will have to interact with various internal and external stakeholders within the Agency. You will also have to go occasionally at various assessment sites. In order to obtain the full job description, please send an email to the address indicated at the bottom of the notice.

To view the complete work description click here: SI0010. If you cannot access the link, you may contact the email listed at the bottom of the notice to obtain a copy of the work description.

Please Note: The pool(s) established from this staffing process may be used to staff similar positions in any CRA office located within the Ontario Region.

To apply

Who can apply

Any person living in Canada and all Canadian citizens living abroad who meet the staffing requirements.

Preference for appointment will be given to veterans, Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

AND eligible veterans and Canadian Forces members

AND individuals with preferred status who live or work within the general rule of minimum distance of the position(s) being staffed.


This process will be used to staff positions in Ontario Region only. If you are a candidate from the general public, you will have to pay for any expenses related to your participation in this staffing process, as well as any relocation costs if you receive an offer of employment from this process. 


Essential staffing requirement(s)

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:


AND the successful completion of the program below :

Candidates are encouraged to submit their online application, education credentials and all required documents as soon as possible. Candidates will be screened against the prerequisite staffing requirements on an on-going basis. If you meet the prerequisite staffing requirements, you will be invited to an assessment.



Have relevant and varied work experience in complex multi-family, commercial or industrial real estate valuation in the real estate market(s) for which you are applying: Ontario Region. This experience also includes report writing on residential, commercial and industrial properties of various sizes and complexities. This experience must have been acquired within the last 10 years, but does not have a minimum duration.


As this is a perpetual staffing process with an extended closing date, assessments may occur at any time after applications are submitted. We may assess candidates in batches as they apply and depending on specific experience. You are expected to check your Candidate Profile periodically to review correspondence related to this process, including the time prior to the closing date of the job poster. Candidates are expected to make themselves available for assessment when scheduled. Failure to attend your scheduled assessment may result in the rejection of your application. Assessments will only be rescheduled for exceptional circumstances and supporting documentation may be requested by the Staffing Board. The Staffing Board will make these decisions on a case by case basis.


The essential staffing requirements indicated below will be assessed during the process and may be used to identify candidates for positions. Asset staffing requirements may also be assessed during the staffing process and may be used to identify candidates for positions. You will be notified in advance of any asset requirements to be evaluated.

  • Performance validation (reference check)


Please note that the list of assets below is not exhaustive. You will be notified in advance of any asset requirements to be evaluated or used. Evaluations could happen in several phases.

  • Qualifications 
  • Specific experience (ie. expert witness)
  • Additional education or training
  • Location
  • Budgetary considerations
  • Duration of appointment
  • Start date
  • Minimize business disruption
  • Employment Equity
  • Second Language Evaluation

We may limit the number of candidates to be considered further in this staffing process by using a top-down approach to select candidates based on more relevant experience to the job being staffed.

Conditions of employment

  • Valid Driver's license
  • Reliability/Security : Reliability Status

Want to know more?

We encourage you to read Important information on staffing at the CRA to find out more about staffing processes and how to apply.

The CRA is committed to building a skilled, diverse workforce reflective of Canadian society. To find out more, consult Employment equity, diversity and inclusion at the CRA. We encourage you to complete the Employment Equity (EE) Staffing questionnaire as part of your application if you wish to be considered for staffing actions using the EE staffing requirement in this process. Your questionnaire response will be retained on file for the duration of the staffing process. If you do not complete the questionnaire, you will not be considered for any staffing actions using the EE staffing requirement in this process. If you decide to modify your response or fill out this questionnaire at a later date, please notify the contact listed at the bottom of this notice of job opportunity.

CRA employees support the economic and social well-being of Canadians, and build public trust. We have high expectations, and our employees are held to the standards of conduct outlined in our Code of integrity and professional conduct and Directive on conflict of interest, gifts and hospitality, and post-employment.

Information regarding the status of your application will be communicated via the candidate profile on the CRA Careers site. We strongly encourage you to verify the email address attached to your profile and to check your messages regularly for any updates.  


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